Write to Your Ideal Client

Learn to write website copy and social media content in the language that resonates with the clients you truly desire to serve as you narrow your niche and own your zone of genius

Megan Barnhard on a beach with her hands formed into a heart

You know it’s time to lovingly release serving “anyone and everyone” and instead specialize in the BIG gifts and impact you came to this planet to share.

But it feels like you’re caught in an impossible loop:

In order to call in your ideal clients, you need to speak their language.

But in order to speak their language you need to work with them.

But in order to work with them you need to call them in… 

Argh! No wonder this process has felt so frustrating  — even though you know you’re making the right shift in your soul-led business.

The good news is you don’t need to spend hours on yet another client avatar exercise or offer 100 free sessions.

In Write to Your Ideal Client, I open my Intuitive Channel and connect you to your ideal audience so you know exactly how to write to them. I also provide you with tried-and-true templates and techniques to fast-track your copywriting skills so your message is clear, compelling, and resonant.

With my support and expert feedback, you’ll write core copy for your website and social media content the fast, easy, intuitive way.

Write to Your Ideal Client is for you if…


🔥You’re narrowing your niche with discernment in order to offer your genius gifts. (And pull back all the other stuff you can do that leaves you feeling unfulfilled.) 

🔥You’re redefining your audience and the clients you truly desire to serve (and releasing the obligation to work with “anyone and everyone”).

🔥You know your website needs an update to professionally position your work, but you’re not interested in spending months and multiple thousands of dollars… only to be told you still have to come up with all the messaging yourself. 

🔥You want to invest not simply in having copy & content but also knowing how to write it so that you’re building an invaluable skill for the life of your business. (You believe in “learning to fish” rather than being given a fish and only eating for a day…)  

🔥 You’re an intuitive and you’re only interested in marketing copy that’s authentic, builds trust, and nurtures relationships. (You have zero interest in cajoling, convincing, or coercing folks!) 

You’ll have my expert 1:1 support as you create… 


Your ideal client “bible” — an indispensable resource for creating all your copy and content creation now and into the future. You’ll continue growing this “living”‘ document and it will support you for the life of your business. If you shift your niche in the future, you’ll know the exact steps to take to gather information about your new audience.

Your “what I do” statement describing who you help and how you help them so you finally feel confident introducing yourself when you network 

✅ A simple yet potent asset to jumpstart bringing in your ideal clients — even if you’re still building your email list or growing your social media following. 

Social media content that gets your ideal clients leaning in — and seeing the big value of what you’re offering!

✅ Compelling copy for essential pages of your website without having to turn yourself (or your wallet!) inside-out with a full rebranding

Authentic storytelling skills that radiate credibility and showcase your expertise — even as you’re pivoting to a new niche and new services. 


Learn your audience the fast way so you can write copy and content that attracts your ideal clients.


❌ staring blankly at another excruciatingly detailed client avatar exercise and trying to guess the right answers — and then never referring to it again.

❌ investing in a pricey and lengthy rebranding overhaul for your business (when you’re still learning what will speak to your audience!).

❌ waiting months to figure out your new messaging before you can start serving — and getting paid by — the clients you really want to work with. 

What makes WTYIC different

→ My prompts will activate your intuitive knowledge about your work and your audience. You know more than you realize. The knowledge simply isn’t on the surface. Instead of trying to think your way to the answers, you’ll tune into your inner wisdom and your expertise in your field. 

→ You’ll receive tangible steps to learn more about your audience — instead of speculating about them and hope you’re getting it right. BONUS: These steps will also help create connection and know, like, trust energy with your audience. You’ll start getting noticed in your new niche and creating interest.

→ I give you tried-and-true templates for writing so you’re not reinventing the wheel. This structure is what allows your creativity to flow. Instead of playing tug of war with your focus by trying to come up with ideas and figure out how to structure them at the same time, you can just focus on the ideas. Tweak the templates so your unique energy imprint shines through — without wasting your effort on the format.  

→ It’s modular: the writing templates all build on one another. It’s going to be far easier to write your website content once you’ve gone through the building blocks I give you. BONUS: These building blocks that help you create clarity are also going to be content you can share online and with your network to start drumming up interest in your work! 

You receive my expert feedback at every stage of the process so you can make the small tweaks that make a big impact in your copy. BONUS: I share the “why” behind my feedback so you’re learning copywriting tricks and techniques as you go — you’ll use these skills for the life of your business. 

→ I’m a Writing Intuitive, so when I read the writing you submit, I’m channeling the energy of your ideal client. This allows me to share insights about their challenges and desires that will give you tons of ideas for writing more content and for speaking to them in a way that makes them say, “You read my mind!” 

Megan helping a business owner find her voice

Ready to write straight to the heart & Higher Self of your ideal client?


You’ll leave the experience with your essential website pages and core pieces of marketing content written and ready to call in those clients you’re ready to serve. 

You’ll not only write these assets, you’ll have them expertly reviewed.

Plus, you’ll take the tried-and-true templates with you to use for the life of your business!

Copy and content are living, breathing aspects of your business. 

They’ll never be etched in stone. You’ll have the writing recipes — as well as the insights from my reviews — that allow you to continue updating and adapting your copy as your business evolves. 

Instead of paying someone to write new content for you every time you uplevel, you’ll be able to leverage your own skills, drawing on your strong intuition.  

As you evolve and refine your audience or offer new programs, you’ll build your new audience bibles following the same tried-and-true process. No more frustrating, time-consuming Client Avatar exercises that ask you what kind of toothpaste your audience uses. 

You’ll have my full support to uplevel not only the way you write about your work, but also how you own your gifts. How you show up and invite people to experience your magic.

Your inner fire and confidence will soar as you see your gifts reflected back to you in words. 

If you’re getting a big ol’ YES, send me a private message.

I’m committed to you getting phenomenal results, so I’ll ask you a few questions to make sure this offer is aligned for where you are on your journey.