Write to Your Ideal Client

You’ve got a one-million kilowatt inner light, and you’re ready to let it shine in your service-based business.

As you’ve built your practice, you’ve gotten crystal clear on what your true gifts are. Now you’re ready for the next bold step.

You’re ready to step into your full power, follow your purpose, and attract the clients you feel called to serve. 

But when you try to translate your “WHY” into words, it gets stuck.

You chase your ideas in circles, second guess yourself, and never end up hitting “publish” because something just feels off. It’s frustrating to thrash around in your own ideas or find yourself word-vomiting all over your website. Right now writing is taking waaaay too much of your time, and it’s not resulting in more clients.

The worst part is knowing you’re missing out on the chance to help people. They’re not finding you online, or if they are, they don’t recognize your magic because it’s hidden behind messaging that’s vague, outdated, and missing your unique spark.

Imagine having the right words at your fingertips…

You’re on fire ? in your discovery calls and consults, and your calendar is filling up with amazing clients you’re really excited to serve. 

When you sit down to write a a blog post, Instagram post, or a sales page, you feel inspired. The writing flows and it really sounds like your authentic voice.

When you show up at networking events, give talks, or lead workshops, you introduce yourself with ease and grace. The words roll off your tongue and people’s eyes light up as they say, “Wow! That sounds like such amazing work!”

Can you see yourself there?

I can. And I’m here to help make it happen!

Hi there!Megan Barnhard

I’m Megan, creator of the Seen, Heard, Sold method that helps transformational coaches write authentic, compelling copy so they attract the clients they feel called to serve. 

I specialize in helping coaches who are going through a transition in their business and want updated website copy to reflect their new niche and create deep connection with their ideal clients. 

My approach is gentle and intuitive, focused on honoring your personal writing process so you write from a place of flow. I listen deeply and carefully to what your inner wisdom wants to say but can’t put into words.

I developed the Seen, Heard, Sold method specifically for transformational coaches so you can use your coaching skills to connect and create content with ease. 

After completing Write to Your Ideal Client you’ll… 

  • Effortlessly write compelling website content so that your ideal clients find you and fall in love with you. 
  • Consistently publish authentic blog posts and social media posts that grow your visibility. 
  • Confidently introduce yourself online and offline and build trust and authority with your audience.
  • Get high-quality leads from referrals because people know exactly what you do and why it’s so powerful. 
  • Feel aligned and in integrity with the image you project in your marketing messaging.  

Here’s what’s included in Write to Your Ideal Client:

Deep Dive Questionnaire

There’s an awful lot of you in your business. To get started, we’ll dive deep into why you do what you do, why you love it, and some other crucial WHY’s so that I can get to know you and your business and offer you my best coaching from our very first session.

Seen, Heard, Sold Take Action Guide

You’ll get specific assignments that help you see inside the head — and the heart — of your ideal client so you can stop reinventing the wheel when you write and start writing content that makes people eager to hear more.

90-Minute 1:1 Deep Dive Coaching Session

Together we’ll create a one-stop-shop for the words, phrases, imagery, stories, and examples you’ll use in EVERYTHING you write for your business. You’ll cruise through writing sales pages, FB live outlines, and blog posts because you’ll be confident you’ve captured the right words to speak directly to your ideal client’s gut.

Six 60-Minute 1:1 Writing Coaching Sessions

Over the course of roughly 12 weeks, we’ll meet in six one-on-one coaching sessions where I’ll ask you targeted questions to draw out your special sauce, your super powers, and your signature stories.  Your ideas will become clear as you talk them out, and you’ll finally be able to put your passion into words. (And you’ll get access to a recording so that you don’t lose any of those a-ha! moments.) During our sessions we’ll also go over your writing. I’ll give you constructive and compassionate feedback that ensures you’re speaking directly to your audience — and that will help you grow as a writer. You’ll gain insights into your writing process so that going from first idea to published content becomes easy and intuitive.  

Writing Recipes

You’ll get my best tried-and-true templates for writing your bio, Home Page, About Page, and blog posts. These recipes help you set clear intentions as you write and edit so that you stop word-vomiting or feeling overwhelmed, and you start writing concise, compelling copy and content. These recipes help you get your best ideas on paper without struggle, stress, or self-doubt. I’ll also show you my secret formulas for re-purposing content so that you can get the most out of every email, blog post, or social post. 

Seen, Heard, Sold Reflection Worksheet

Over the course of our time together, you’ll gain deeper insight into your ideal customer and also your writing process. This worksheet guides you through probing questions to help you take stock of what’s working and plan out the small tweaks you need to make going forward so you continue to write powerful marketing messages from a place of flow. 

30-Minute Follow-up Call

After you’ve had a chance to reflect and collect your thoughts, we’ll book a final follow-up call so I can help you tweak your process and feel like it’s flowing. I’ll answer any remaining questions you have so you can move forward with confidence and clarity, consistently publishing content that connects with your audience. 

Bonus: Beat Writing Resistance Resources

You’ll receive my two all-time favorite exercises for meeting writing resistance head-on. These intuitive practices will help you leave behind limiting beliefs around writing and trust your process and your voice so that you can share your message and make a bigger impact. 

Imagine it’s 3 months from now…  

You’ve uncovered the exact language that gets your ideal customer to take action, and it’s all organized in one go-to resource that’s ready for you whenever you sit down to write.

You’ve written a short, succinct bio that demonstrates how awesome you are and narrows your niche so the right people are excited to work with you.

You’ve got a blog post checklist so you can consistently publish posts that attract your ideal client and make you stand out in your field. 

You’ve got a welcoming Home Page that makes your ideal client feel like they’re being handed a cup of tea and a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven as soon as they land on your website.

You have a powerful story of transformation on your About Page written in your authentic voice and full of juicy tidbits that show your expertise, and your passion for coaching.  

And you know your unique writing process. You can untangle all those thoughts that swim around in your head and consistently create content that builds your authority so your ideal clients feel seen, heard, and sold on working with you.

How would that feel?

Empowering? Exciting? Freakin’ amazing?

You know you’re ready to make this important shift in your practice and start coaching in your zone of genius. You’ve got the passion, the skills, and the expertise to change your clients’ lives!

What’s missing is the messaging. That’s what brought you to me. That inner tug that knows if you just had the right words, you would take off like a rocket.

It’s time to be big, be bold, be visible… and be authentically you! You don’t have to do it alone. I’ll guide you every step of the way.

Investment: $3500

(Payment plans available)

I decided to start working with Megan because I had finally found my true coaching niche and I needed to update my website so that it would speak to my ideal clients. I had been in business for about a year and I had thrashed around for the better part of it trying to figure out who I was as an independent coach and who I loved to serve. I was so excited to have gained clarity in this area, however, when it came time to put “pen to paper” (so to speak) and come out to the world as a coach who helps women break free from self-doubt… I was totally stuck.

I had been so used to explaining my coaching work and my journey the old way (i.e., helping people have difficult conversations)… which was still a big part of what I did… that I didn’t know how to reframe things in a way that would cover this new angle without omitting the old one. Megan was instrumental in helping me realign how I talked about who I was and what I do in a way that really captured the essence of my journey and my work. I felt like I was just on the cusp of breaking through before working with Megan and she knew how to ask the right questions, suggest the right turns of phrase, and push me where I needed to be pushed so that I could actually break through.

I would say that the aspect of our coaching that has had the biggest impact is Megan’s ability to see me. She was really able to get what I was trying to say and do with my writing and pull it out of me. My website feels completely aligned now and when I talk about the work that I do with the people who I’m meant to serve, they get it. I am so very grateful for the help that Megan provided. I could not have made this shift without her assistance.

Nayla Mitha, Leadership & Life Coach, Nayla's Corner

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