Uncover Your Investor Me$$age

Receive the exact messaging for your sales copy and content that ignites your soulmate clients to invest in your premium-priced program.

This potent single session is for powerful practitioners whose clients get phenomenal results. You know your work creates massive transformations. But they get lost in translation. You’re wise enough to see that you’ve got a blind spot when it comes to sharing the massive value of your work in your marketing messaging. And you know your gift is too precious to be ignored or fly under the radar!

I channel your Investor Me$$age and wrap your gifts in words. So that your audience is completely clear on the high-value solution you provide and eager to invest with you. Then, we play and co-create in the Open Channel to brainstorm magnetic content ideas that you’ll be lit up to write. 

Uncover Your Investor Me$$age is for you if…


🔥You’re an experienced coach, healer, or practitioner with a premium-priced offer with proven results (even if the program is new, the process is tried and tested).

🔥 You want your organic content to bring in leads who eagerly ask about your program. 

🔥 You’re ready for a faster sales process, with people feeling a full-body YES right away.

🔥 You’re delighted by the prospect of spending less time & energy on content because you’re clear on the exact topics that galvanize your audience.

🔥 You can’t wait for the natural magnetism that arises from knowing how to potently position your premium offer as a must-have (not a “maybe next quarter…”)

Hi, I’m Megan

As an intuitive writing coach, I’ve given feedback on hundreds of pieces of marketing content — offer letters, sales pages, social media posts, email nurture sequences, opt-ins, etc. I’ve helped brilliant business owners across multiple industries to uplevel their copywriting. And what I’ve seen again and again is that your Investor Me$$age is the needle mover. 

You can share wonderful client stories and insights and inspiration. That kind of content builds connection and trust. And I’m a big fan! But if you want your audience to jump out of their seats and take action, you’ve got to tell them how your program delivers a unique, high-value solution that’s going to uplevel their lives. 

When I help clients name and declare their high-value solution and what differentiates their program… that’s when they get messages saying, “Tell me more about your program!”

That’s why I LOVE channeling Investor Me$$ages for business owners like you. Because you’ve got a big mission. And I want aligned clients showing up in your inbox, eagerly asking to work with you. So they receive your magic, expand, and bring more love and light to the world.  

And I want you to have this message quickly. So you don’t lose any more time futzing about trying to “figure out” your messaging. Or forcing yourself to learn more marketing strategies.

Megan helping a business owner find her voice

Ready to receive Channeled positioning for your premium program?


This session is an incredibly fast, fun easy path to magnetic marketing messaging that showcases the true value of what you offer.

No excruciating client avatar exercises. Just flow.

You’ll leave the experience with content ideas bursting forth, wanting to flow through you out into the world.

If you’re getting a big ol’ YES, message me.

I’m committed to you getting phenomenal results, so I’ll ask you a few questions to make sure this offer is aligned for where you are on your journey.