Hi, I’m Megan

An intuitive copywriting coach for soul-led entrepreneurs and the CEO’s who serve them.

Hi, I’m Megan

An intuitive copywriting coach for soul-led entrepreneurs and the CEO’s who serve them.

What if marketing felt as
soul-connected as serving your clients?

Leverage your superpowers as an intuitive coach so content creation is easy, authentic, and outrageously magnetic.

For Soul-O-Preneurs

Share your authentic message and write marketing content from the heart so you easily connect with your soul clients.

For CEO’s

Take copywriting training and support off your plate so your clients get amazing results while you gain back time and energy.

I’m loving writing again! It had become a bit stale and tedious for me after several years of doing things the way others do it. It’s now number 3 on my list of priorities, right behind self care and serving clients. It had slipped way down the list because I was bored with it. I knew I could write well, but something was missing that made people want to reach out to ask how they could work with me. People are now reaching out to ask what I’m up to, they’re seeing the change in my content, and saying it’s like I’m reading their mind. I didn’t realise I was waiting for ‘permission’ to have fun and show my sense of humour in my content, but apparently I was! Allowing myself to be playful and fun when talking about money and business is so liberating! I feel SO READY for the next phase of growth in my business. You’ve helped me tap into that strong leadership energy and bring it through in my writing.

~Deirdre Amies, Business & Money Mindset Coach

Meet Megan

As an HSP (highly-sensitive person), I used to think there was something wrong with me. (I mean besides my really terrible puns. 🤣)

I’ve always felt things deeply, taken on other people’s emotions, and heard what wasn’t said aloud. While these traits made middle school awkward to the max, it turns out they’re the greatest gifts an intuitive writing coach could ask for!

My sensitivity is my superpower. I feel into your audience’s energy to uncover their inner language so they feel deeply seen in your marketing copy. And I translate your multidimensional, multifaceted skills into clear, compelling results that get people excited to buy.

If you’re an empath, intuitive, or channel yourself, I can help you honor those gifts in your content creation so that marketing feels as fulfilling and easy as serving your clients.

If you’re a CEO who serves intuitive coaches, I can help support your clients with copywriting coaching so they’re able to reap the remarkable results of your amazing program, just as you envisioned.

Ready to put my superpower to work for you so marketing feels easy? Message me.

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