I keep a tissue box in every room of my house.
Between my fall allergies, my husband’s spring allergies, loving spicy food and sad movies, and owning a shedding cat, we need them.
(If I’m honest I maybe also have a what-if-I-need-to-blow-my-nose-right-now anxiety…?)
So you’d think I would make it a priority to keep my house stocked with this resource that — for reasons unknown to any but my guardian angels — are super important to my sense of well-being.
But you would be wrong. Dead wrong.
Here’s how I actually relate to this situation.
Hmm… I’m running low on tissues.
But I don’t want to buy just one or two boxes when I’m at the grocery store. That’s a waste of money.
I’ll just wait until the next time I go to Costco and stock up.
<<The sound of weeks passing.>>
Hence, I currently have rolls of toilet paper inelegantly stuck on various surfaces in the bedroom, the living room, and even in my office.
Super high class, right? ?
This is what happens when we let the Perfect become the enemy of the Good.
I bet you’ve heard that phrase before, yeah?
It’s when we hold out for some amazing plan that we’re sure is going to be the best ever, snubbing our noses at some totally workable plan that’s accessible to us right now.
Feel free to laugh at me for my tissue/TP conundrum. It’s definitely silly.
But it’s no joke when you let the perfect become the enemy of the good in your plans to write for your business.
I’ve talked to so many business owners who want to write compelling content.
But they say…
I don’t know where to start!
I’m spinning in my own ideas.
Writing feels chaotic.
Have you experienced any of those? They are so common! You are in good company if you feel frustrated about trying to get all of your big, bold, brave thoughts out of your brain and onto paper/screen.
Interestingly, it’s often people with the most creativity and stories to share who feel the most stuck.
You’ve got so many things you want to say, you second-guess yourself about how to go about writing.
You’re waiting until it all makes sense.
Until you’ve got the perfect plan.
And we know what happens then, right? You end up with a house full of toilet paper.
Today I want to invite you to JUST GET STARTED!
You don’t have to wait until you have a perfect plan.
You don’t have to have it all figured out.
The cool thing about writing is that you learn to do it by doing it.
When you dive in and get started, you get a chance to see what works for you.
And if you have guidance so you don’t have to do it alone, well, life doesn’t get better than that. ?
Here’s my invitation to you. Start with something simple.
>>Join my free 5-day Copy that Connects mini-course.‚Äč
In just a few minutes a day for five days, you’ll start building your writing muscles.
You’ll learn some cool secrets and strategies that make writing for your business less stressful and more in flow.
And you’ll kick that perfectionistic urge to the curb by taking action.
Because that’s what it’s all about.
Take the next step you can.
Even if it’s not perfect.
Even if it’s not what you imagined.
Let it be a great place to start.
OK, I’m off to by some tissues!
Happy writing,