Don’t know what to write for your next blog post? No excuses! Here are 10 blog post ideas you can use in any industry at any time — including right now!
Don’t overthink it. Just choose one and run with it.

  1. Answer a question someone asked you on a recent consult.
  2. Answer a question someone from your audience asked, maybe in a Facebook group or in response to your blog or emails.
  3. Share a tool you use everyday to make life or work better. Connect it to your area of expertise.
  4. Tell an anecdote about something that happened to you recently that taught you a surprising lesson.
  5. Share a success story about one of your customers.
  6. Admit a mistake you’ve made in life or in business and talk about what you learned from it. Relate it to your area of expertise.
  7. Share a book, podcast, YouTube channel, Netflix show, or movie that inspired you recently. Talk about why it relates to what you do or to your readers.
  8. Talk about a recent event in the news and connect it with the work you do.
  9. Describe a big mistake you see people making in your area of expertise and share how it can be avoided.
  10. Choose a fear, objection, or place where you know your readers get stuck and show them how to release the objection/fear and get unstuck.

Happy blogging!