You’re a bold thinker and you’re ready to share your powerful message through your writing.

You’re also a strong writer. You have lots of brilliant ideas. But it often feels like herding cats to wrangle your creativity, and you struggle to reliably get the words on the page. You’re determined, so you double down. Only to find the words disappearing before you can write them, like writing in the sand being washed away by the tide.

I get it.

The fact is, the more we try to control writing, the harder it becomes. 

You find yourself thrashing around in your thoughts, and you need someone to listen to you deeply and ask just the right questions so you can put your passions into words.

I help big thinkers, like you, who want to find their writing flow and share the message in their heart.

The only problem is you feel like you’re drowning in your own ideas. The more your thoughts swirl, the less confident you feel.

The pressure is mounting because this writing is so important to you. You care very deeply about the message you want to share. You know your words have the power to make a big impact, but right now they’re stuck in your head. You’re so frustrated that you’re not reaching your audience and helping them.

You might…

  • Stare at the blank page feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.
  • Write yourself in circles and completely lose the thread of what you were trying to say.
  • Feel so discouraged that you’ve stopped sitting down to write at all.

Together we uncover your unique writing process and your Special Sauce so that you know exactly how to put your gifts into words–and to publish writing that connects deeply with your audience.

Most people make the same big mistake when they have something important they want to write–like content for their passion-fueled business, or the book they know is inside them: They force themselves.

It turns out this is the absolute hardest way to write. And it’s so uncomfortable that most people give up on their project because it feels really icky to try and be creative when you are beating yourself up.

When you remove the pressure and embrace curiosity, you can discover your own intuitive writing process. This is the process your heart has been craving–and in fact it’s the process your brain is hardwired for.

That’s why it feels so freeing. You will find yourself sitting down and watching the words pour out like water. You will find your writing flow. 

Wondering how? Keep reading.

  • My clients say I know how to ask the right questions to translate their passion into words.
  • My superpower is naturally dialing into people and intuiting the steps they need to untangle their thoughts and make writing feel easy and fun.
  • I’ve guided clients through writing their first book and starting or reviving their blog — when they felt completely overwhelmed and didn’t see how it was possible.
  • Clients often tell me that I helped them get back their writing mojo and begin writing regularly again after a long dry spell.
  • They also say I help them lighten their approach to writing and lift the heaviness and stuckenss they were feeling.

My first career out of college was teaching reading and writing to children with severe learning disabilities. There is one student I’ll never forget. She showed me that there is a writing process for everyone.

Marissa was only 8 when I met her. By that time she’d developed alarming polyps on her vocal cords from screaming all the time. Clearly, this child wanted to be heard.

The milestone she needed to meet, according to her official individual educational plan, was to learn to write a simple paragraph. She was utterly convinced this was impossible. She would groan each time I pulled out a new thought organizer. I knew she was waiting for me to give up on her.

The truth is, I couldn’t give up. Not because I was the most compassionate and wise 22- year-old on the planet. Oh no. Because I was the most stubborn. The eight-year-old in me could meet this girl head butt for head butt, eye roll for eye roll. I dug in and became more determined than ever.

One day I pulled out a graphic organizer with a picture of an umbrella. There was space in the open umbrella to write the main idea and then lines coming out perpendicular from the handle for the supporting ideas to create the rest of the paragraph.

Something clicked. Marissa looked at the paper, she looked at me, and then she said indignantly, “Why didn’t you just say a paragraph was an umbrella?”

I’ve never been happier to be unappreciated. 

This 8 year old taught me that there is a way for every type of thinker to get their ideas down on paper and express themselves.

Working with her also deeply ingrained in me the idea that the way we teach writing in schools is fraught with trauma and pain.

Now, when I coach adults and help them find what clicks for them, I remember to make space for the 8-year-old inside them. Or the 13-year-old. Or the 30-year-old. Whichever part of them thinks they can’t write or shouldn’t write. I show them there’s nothing wrong with them — they just may not have found their “umbrella” yet.

Honoring the inner 8-year-old in my clients also means I help them have fun with writing. We find what feels good and what brings joy.

Everyone has the right to write. Everyone’s voice and story are important. Including yours! I’m here to help people like you tell your story and share your important message by making the process inviting and joyful.

Are you ready to find the joy in writing, tap into your flow, and make writing magic?

Send me a private message and let me know you’re interested in writing coaching. I’ll ask you a few questions to see if I can help you get the best results for your writing.

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