When you’re writing content, it’s only natural to face writing resistance. It might show up as procrastination, or it might send some Writing Gremlins to whisper unhelpful things to you. Things like…

I really don’t know what to write about. I should do some more research first.

What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Will anyone even read this?

Whenever I write something it turns out terrible. I’m just not cut out to write. I’m wasting my time trying.

Resistance is Normal

If you’ve had any of these thoughts, or if you’ve had weeks where you checked everything else off your list besides writing, it’s OK. I feel you. I’ve been there, and so have all the clients I’ve worked with.
Why does it happen?
Well, our brains love two things:

✅ Tasks that are clearly defined

✅ Tasks that come with a hit of “feel good juice” aka dopamine

For many business owners, writing content doesn’t fall into either of those two categories… yet.

That’s why we end up procrastinating and skipping writing altogether, or else getting it done but slogging through all the way.

Our brains either tell us to get up and go do something else that is clearly defined or dopamine-inducing — like washing the dishes or checking email…

Or, our brains spend the whole time we’re writing whispering to us that this activity is terrible, horrible, no-good, and definitely not what we should be spending our time on.

25 Ways to Tackle Writing Resistance

The bad news about writing resistance is that it’s a sucky place to be. Writing feels heavy and oh-so-hard.
The good news is that you can break through writing resistance by shifting your mindset.
Here’s a list of 25 tried-and-true ways you can leave writing resistance in the dust and get back to creating killer content.

  1. Change locations. Change your orientation in the room you’re in to get a different view. Try a different room in your house. Head out to a coffee shop or a co-working space if possible. 
  2. Change your lighting. If you can grab some natural sunlight, awesome. If not, try turning off fluorescent lights or turning on a warm or incandescent light.
  3. Get some good smells going. Light a candle or burn some incense.
  4. Put on music that makes you feel good. It might be something that energizes you or something that calms you. Go with your instinct. 
  5. Change your posture. Sit up, relax your shoulders, and ground through your feet.  
  6. Get your blood flowing. Take a dance break or try some yoga or stretching. 
  7. Say an affirmation or a mantra—either aloud or in your head. What belief do you want to have about your ability to write? What intention do you want to set?
  8. Visualize energy flowing through your body, filling you up with creativity. 
  9. Invite gratitude. Pause in your writing and think about something you’re really grateful for. It can be unrelated to the task at hand. You’re just looking to raise your energetic vibration. (Creativity loves high vibes!)
  10.  If the resistance is around creating content for your audience, read these  8 ways to get motivated about blogging. They’ll motivate you for emails and social posts as well. 
  11. Use the Pomodoro Technique: Set a timer for 25 minutes and write, and then rest for 5 minutes. Use your 5-minute rest to have a dance party or a karaoke sing-along. 
  12.  Take stock of what you’ve done so far. If it appeals to you, write out each step you’ve completed and put a big, fat check mark on it. Celebrate how far you’ve come so you feel motivated to keep going.
  13. Get comfy. Put on cozy clothes, fuzzy socks, and wrap a blanket around your shoulders. 
  14.  Put on a power outfit. Wear something that makes you feel polished and successful.  Or something that makes you feel like a rebel badass who can totally slay the content monster.
  15.  Wear a piece of anchor clothing or an anchor accessory. This should be something that anchors you to your own success. It could be the name badge from an industry convention you attended, a watch or bracelet that makes you feel abundant, or a talisman of some kind that makes you feel loved or unstoppable. 
  16.  Get your endorphins flowing. Pet a furry friend or hug a human. Look in the mirror and say something encouraging to your reflection.  
  17. Watch this video on YouTube. 
  18.   Fantasize about the amazing things that will happen when you publish this piece of content. Let yourself dream big, allowing one positive outcome to lead to another.
  19.  Get out your favorite pen and notebook and write you first draft on paper.
  20.  Flip the “fun” switch. Decide to have a blogging party. Put on some fun tunes, paint your nails a vibrant color, and let loose your inner party queen.
  21.  Do a plank for 20 seconds or some push-ups. Remind yourself that you can do hard things. 
  22.  Talk out your ideas into a recorder and then transcribe them.
  23.  Imagine the people you’ll help by writing. Write for them, not for you.
  24. Reconnect with your big WHY and think about the impact your writing will have on your, your business, and the world. 
  25.  When all else fails, get up and do something else. Forcing yourself to write when you’re mentally or emotionally fatigued is not only miserable, it’s counterproductive. You’re much better off taking a break and coming back later. You’ll finish your writing faster when you have more energy and when you don’t feel miserable from banging your head against the wall.

Fight Back Against Writing Resistance

The more your do battle with resistance, the more you’ll train yourself to overcome it. Just like resistance training at the gym. Your mindset will become stronger than procrastination or any Writing Gremlin.
If you use the strategies from the list above, you’ll also start to create a positive association with writing, and guess what that means? Some of that “feel good juice” whenever you sit down to write. That means less resistance coming up in the first place for you to overcome. Hallelujah!
In addition, the more you become aware of writing resistance, the sooner you’ll recognize when it’s coming up. You won’t lose as much time wondering what’s wrong with you or why you just can’t seem to write today.
Because here’s the truth: You were made to be creative. You have magic messages to share with the world. You don’t need to pay any dues feeling miserable in order to earn your writing badge.
So stop letting resistance have the final say. Start building a habit of writing resilience instead. Which strategy are you going to try the next time you get stuck?

Ready to stop chasing your ideas in circles?