When you plan content for your business, do you feel the pressure to create something amazing?
It’s easy to get sucked into all-or-nothing thinking around content creation.
Either… you spend all your free time creating content so you can “crush” your goals, so you have no time for anything else in your biz (or your life).
Or… you look at all there is to do and feel so exhausted by the hamster wheel of content creation that you feel like putting your Instagram account out to pasture.
There’s another option:
Find a way to create content that WORKS FOR YOU!

Your Business, Your Choice

No matter what the experts are saying about what you simply MUST do because it’s the latest social media trend…
The reality is that you’re in charge. It’s your business. And you know best.
‘Member the point of running your own business? Wasn’t it so you could call the shots?
When you create content just for the sake of creating content, it exhausts you.
That takes time away from serving your clients or engaging with potential new clients. And that means you’re not getting a chance to really help people!

3 Questions to Create Content in Flow

Here’s my recipe for getting back in touch with the kind of content that serves you (as a person and as a business owner) while still providing great value for your peeps.
[Prefer video? Watch the explanation of this strategy in the Write in Flow Facebook group.]
It’s super simple. Ready?
All you need to do is ask yourself these three questions:

  1. What’s going on in the world right now? What are my people already thinking about?
  2. What’s going on in my life? Am I over-extended? Do I need to do a resource-round-up post where I curate information? Am I going on a trip or hosting visitors? When will I have time to write this week/this month? Do I have some extra time? Is this a good time to write that meaty post I’ve been meaning to share? Or to record a video?
  3. What’s going on in my business? What am I prepping my audience for? Do I have a new offering coming up? Is there an event I want to generate excitement about? Do I need to get people thinking about a certain challenge in their lives? Or a particular result that they’re after?

Get Into Alignment​

These question help you act in alignment with what’s real for you.
They’re also a great reminder that life comes in cycles. Energy ebbs and flows.
You deserve to create in a way that feels good to you–without draining all your creative juice.
These questions also serve your audience.
? If there’s something major going on in the world, they’d be keen to have your take on it and how to process it using the tools, guidance, or wisdom that you share related to your expertise.
? If there’s something major happening in your life and your time and attention are limited, it’s a much better use of your time to serve your existing clients, hop on sales calls with potential clients, or to answer the specific questions you get from your followers than to write 2,000 word blog posts.
? And if you’ve got an exciting opportunity or offer coming up for your audience, they’ll be much more likely to take advantage of it if you’ve given them some prepping. That means more people will get your awesome special sauce and make the amazing transformations you help them achieve.
See? It’s a win-win.
You don’t have to scramble, and your audience gets your best energy.
Just stay in the conversation, offering value, relating to people, and continuing the conversation.
This is how you build trust and authority so that your audience feels seen, heard, and sold on working with you. ?
And that’s the real point of creating content.
Happy writing,