Recipe for Drafting: Beat Writer’s Block & Finish the First Draft of Your Novel Faster

In this quick but insightful read, you’ll learn how to make the best use of different parts of your “writing brain” so that you get the most out of your writing time, even if you’re feeling uninspired. You’ll get practical tips plus deep insights about the writing process that keep you moving toward “The End.”

Personally, my favorite portion of the book was the chapter discussing “show, don’t tell.” (No, no, I promise, it’s not THAT lecture.) Barnhard is the first person who’s ever identified a full sphere acknowledgement of, not just what it is, but when it’s actually a GOOD thing! (And when it’s NOT.)  ~5-Star Amazon Reviewer

The tips on busting procrastination are great! She adds her special brand of humor to each chapter which keeps you laughing as you read. I appreciate her flexibility in showing how to tackle issues in a couple of different ways so you can experiment and find the one that fits you best. ~5-Star Amazon Reviewer



Recipe for Outlining: A Fun & Flexible Guide for Planning Your Novel

A lighthearted yet practical framework for your creativity so you spend more time in your writing flow and use your unique thinking style to get access to your best ideas, faster. You’ll learn how to build the structure of a great plot, character arc, and theme right into the first stages of your outlining so you always know where you’re going and never get stuck in the middle.

A fun, easy, and eye opening guide! I would trade all of the self-help dollar hungry bandits out there for just one with the integrity of Megan Barnhard, who is providing actual, useful assistance, and bettering the writing community! ~5-Star Amazon Reviewer

Fantastic resource for writers who can’t wait to get to actually writing. ~5-Star Amazon Reviewer




Recipe for Storytelling: A Fun & Inspiring Step-by-Step Guide for Writing Your True Story

Interactive, step-by-step instructions for writing your true life story. You’ll be supported at every stage of the writing process, from planning to polishing. Foolproof instructions, activities to prime your creativity, and in-depth examples make this the ultimate guide to capturing your significant life event.



Could You Live Underwater: A Design Thinking and STEM Curriculum for Curious Learners

By Megan Barnhard and Jade Rivera, Published by Prufrock Press

In this engaging design thinking adventure, students utilize STEM skills and creative thinking to research, design, and build prototypes of the underwater house of the future! Packed with engaging projects, experiments, and opportunities to reflect, this complete curriculum invites students to engage with issues they care about while building the skills they need for the future.


The Dancing Cats Compete 

Readers aged 8 to 12 will enjoy this story exploring the themes of friendship, forgiveness, bravery, and cooperation. Woven into the book are six Design Challenges that invite readers to use their creativity. They can design a flyer or a logo, choreograph a solo, or write a letter to a character from the book.