Write from your
heart and share
your magic

You have a powerful truth inside you.

A passion you want to put into words so you can share your gifts and grow your passion-fueled business or finish the book you know you’re meant to write.

You know that when you write this message, it will help others transform, and will create a massive positive ripple in the world.

What if you sat down and the words just flowed out of your heart and onto the page?

Right now, writing is stressful and overwhelming.

You’re drowning in your thoughts. Sharing your message feels chaotic and overwhelming, you don’t know where to start.

When you get something down on paper, it’s a far cry from that brilliant idea you had in the shower. You feel like your point falls flat and your important message doesn’t come across.

You may even be weighed down by old writing wounds and worried that you’ll never be able to enjoy writing and that it will always be a chore.



Imagine if you woke up each morning feeling inspired to write. You sat down at your desk and the words poured out of you. You felt completely in flow.

How would your life be different if you knew exactly how to tell your story and talk about your gifts?

What would happen in your business if your website reflected all the light you have inside you?

What would it feel like if you had a simple, repeatable process to turn the spark of an idea into brilliant content that connected with your audience? And if procrastination and perfectionism had no power over you?

You are meant to be a light for other people. When you unleash your Magic Message, others will say, “That’s exactly what I needed to hear!”

This is all possible for you. In fact, it’s closer than you think!

When we work together, you’re going to unlock your unique writing process so you can write the powerful words that magnetize your audience to you. It will be like having your Muse on speed dial.

You’ll free those ideas that are stuck inside you right now and share your Magic Message with the world. People will tell you it feels like you read their minds. And they will trust that you are the person who can help them transform.

Write Your Magic





You have a unique gift to share. But I know it can be hard to write about. I’ll help you name your special sauce and put your passion on the page. 


As a Story Magician, I’ll help you write stories that teach and touch. You’ll learn how to navigate vulnerability and share tales of transformation so you can captivate your audience.


During each coaching session we’ll create an Action Plan so that you know how to move forward with confidence. You’ll know exactly what steps to take next to achieve your writing goals.


Together we will uncover the process that allows you to get from first idea to finished draft in flow. We’ll capture all those strategies and tools in your Writing Toolbox so you have easy access to the repeatable steps to write your best.


These recipes provide step-by-step instructions for writing — whether you’re working on a blog post, your About Page, or a chapter of your book. You’ll never have to stare at the blank page, wondering what to write.


I’ll ask you the right questions to develop your ideas using my highly-sensitive nature to tune into your voice and your audience. You talk, and I type so that your best ideas come to the surface with ease.


As you write, it’s natural to feel resistance. I’ll give you regular routines plus Resistance First Aid practices to use when you feel stuck or uninspired, or when you’re bogged down by procrastination and perfectionism. 

You can go from the frustration and guilt of all those unfinished drafts on your computer to completing the writing you’ve dreamed of and sharing your message with the world.

Here is what some of my clients have said about working with me:

Your supportive and encouraging comments really boosted my confidence. I can’t help but get energised and inspired by your excitement and how you show up. I love all the prompts too, which help me to keep thinking about writing and figuring out what works, thinking through the challenges and getting help to see through my blocks. One other thing that works for me is that you’re not scoldy or judgey and I always felt met where I was and that made it easier to take the next step. I struggle with so much self-doubt and self-criticism which can cripple me and my creative efforts so all the words of affirmation and ways in which you helped me validate and celebrate what I had done were key. 

~Michelle Ayn Tenssensohn, Master Coach & Meditation Teacher

I decided to start working with Megan because I had finally found my true coaching niche and I needed to update my website so that it would speak to my ideal clients. I had been in business for about a year and I had thrashed around for the better part of it trying to figure out who I was as an independent coach and who I loved to serve. I was so excited to have gained clarity in this area, however, when it came time to put “pen to paper” (so to speak) and come out to the world as a coach who helps women break free from self-doubt… I was totally stuck. 

Megan was instrumental in helping me realign how I talked about who I was and what I do in a way that really captured the essence of my journey and my work. I felt like I was just on the cusp of breaking through before working with Megan and she knew how to ask the right questions, suggest the right turns of phrase, and push me where I needed to be pushed so that I could actually break through. 

I would say that the aspect of our coaching that has had the biggest impact is Megan’s ability to see me. She was really able to get what I was trying to say and do with my writing and pull it out of me.

My website feels completely aligned now and when I talk about the work that I do with the people who I’m meant to serve, they get it. I am so very grateful for the help that Megan provided. I could not have made this shift without her assistance. 

~Nayla Mitha, Leadership & Life Coach

I appreciate the process we went through so much. It was incredibly helpful to me to verbally brainstorm, get feedback and have your guidance. Lots of inner reflection and having another perspective was nice. I became clear about who I really wanted to serve! I would so recommend you to others.  You are fun, talented, professional, and personable. You know your stuff.

~Dannielle Arceneaux, Wellness Coach

I know what it’s like to chase yourself in circles trying to get your big ideas untangled so you can write something you really care about. I spent countless hours writing tortured (and torturous!) essays, blog posts, and website copy.

Everything shifted when I started treating myself like an 8-year-old. 

You see, I got my start as a writing coach over 14 years ago working with young people with severe learning disabilities. I created games, color coded outlines, and simple fun checklists to help them play with writing so that they actually wanted to do it. I knew that they were dealing with a lot of drama and trauma around writing, so I designed activities to empower them.

I started to wonder what would happen if I brought fun, curiosity, and an experimental mindset into my own writing practice.

It worked! I began to untangle my ideas and enjoy writing again — the way I had when I was a kid making up stories. 

As soon as I allowed writing to be easier and more enjoyable, it was. I stopped fighting myself and allowed the process to flow.

I wrote my first book, Recipe for Storytelling, in just over 30 days. A few years later I wrote and published two more books about writing within 7 months. I wasn’t racing or rushing. I was trusting the process and having fun. I would wake up each morning excited to write. Writing felt like playing.

I want this feeling for you, too.

I can help you experience the magic of Structured Flow — when your creativity is free to play and your inner wisdom simply pours out of you. 

Can you imagine

how it would feel if your big ideas were your greatest asset — instead of the roadblock to writing?

What if you could see a clear path from the first spark of your idea all the way to a polished, published piece of writing?

In our work together, I will bring my highly-attuned listening into play and ask you the right questions to unlock your most intuitive self.

My clients tell me that what is most valuable about our work together is that I really see them and am able to help them put their passion into words.

You will have insights and a-has and be able to shape your ideas without the pressure of having to do any writing during our calls. My approach is to make the process fun and easy so that your creativity wants to show up to play.

I will also help you discover your unique and personal writing process so that you can reliably sit down and write whatever you want to — whether that’s a blog post, an email, or a book.

With your Personal Writing Toolbox and my library of Writing Recipes, you will never have to panic staring at that blank page again! 

Are you ready to find your writing flow and make magic with your words?

The first step is to fill out an application and tell me what’s in your heart that’s ready to come out so that I can make sure I’m the right person to help you. 

Then, we’ll put together a custom package to help you achieve your writing goals. I can guide you to plan and write your book, find your voice and build your blog, craft your About Page, write your Welcome Email Sequence, or whatever else will get your message into the world. 


Right now, I know it’s hard to imagine enjoying writing. It feels heavy.

Maybe you’ve enjoyed writing in the past, but now the project you want to work on is so important! You’re scared you’ll get it wrong.

On top of that, you feel uncomfortable putting your heart on the page and being vulnerable and authentic. As much as you want to share your message, you’re worried what people will think.

This is the sign that you are ready to write your magic message!

The discomfort you are feeling around writing is actually your desire to find your flow. Your words want to come out, and they do not want to be forced.

And the fact that you want to get this writing right is undeniable proof that your message has stayed inside too long. It’s ready to be heard, and so are you. 

Please don’t die with your message inside you. The world needs it. 

You pour so much of your heart into helping others each and every day. Yet this help pales in comparison to the impact you could have if you listened to your heart and shared your Magic Message.

This message has the power to change the world. To make others feel seen and heard. And to help them heal from pain or even save them from struggle in the first place.

Your story is your legacy. And you’re ready to tell it.

You hold the power within you to write consistently, compellingly, and courageously. All you need is for someone to show you the way. 

Take my hand. Let’s do this together.