Do your big, bold ideas feel like a liability instead of an asset?

I help bold thinkers who want to share their magic message–but right now writing feels like trying to get the full force of a fire hose out through an eyedropper.

We can dive into your website content so that you attract more of the customers you feel called to serve, or we can make a plan for outlining and finishing that book you know is in you.

Whatever you write with me, along the way, we kick procrastination’s backside and unpack your unique writing challenges to find the process that helps you easily get the words on the page so that writing feels like magic. 


Who I work with

I support passion-fueled business owners and thought leaders who are AMAZING at what they do — but who struggle putting their passion into words. 

They’re thoughtful, intelligent, and fiercely committed to sharing their message. When they talk about what they do, their eyes light up and they become radiant. But when they try to write their ideas, the joy and the spark gets overshadowed by the frustration of not knowing what to do. They get stuck overthinking or spewing verbal vomit on the page. 

They want a reliable routine for sitting down and writing from the heart so they can inspire, inform, and help their audience.

Writing Coaching

Write Your Magic 1:1 3-Month Writing Coaching

You’re ready to step up and be more visible by sharing the message that’s in your heart. You want to magnetize your audience either through your website copy and blog content, or through that book that is begging you to write it. You’re committed to sharing your message, but you don’t know where to start and you’re thrashing around in your own thoughts. You want a sounding board, a co-creator, expert advice about how to structure your writing, and, oh yeah, someone who can help you kick procrastination and perfectionism in the backside.  


Blog in Flow Monthly Membership

You’re committed to consistently creating high-quality content for your blog, but you get totally overwhelmed when you sit down to write. You’ve got tons of ideas and you second guess yourself about which one is the best one to write. And then when you start writing it, it morphs into a monster and starts to feel more like a book than a blog post. You’re ready for practical steps and ongoing support to make content creation a realistic part of your weekly schedule instead of a time-suck that eats your motivation and energy. 

Learn more about the Blogging Flow membership program.


Stop Overthinking and Finish Writing

Even though your writing project is short, you’ve been struggling with it for a while. You wish you could just talk things out with someone and figure out the structure once and for all. Or maybe dive into that one paragraph that just feels off. You want to be able to hit publish so your words can make an impact, but you also want this message to really hit home. You could use a second set of eyes — and a second brain — to figure out exactly what you need to do to make this piece of writing as good in reality as it is in your imagination.

Learn more about a single 1:1 session with me. 

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Megan helped me put the project into perspective and gave me space and encouragement to bounce ideas around about characters and layout. I especially liked being able to work on whatever was most pressing for each session. The fluidity of the sessions really appealed to me. I knew what to do, I just needed somebody to grab me by the shoulders and be like YOU CAN DO THIS. I would recommend Megan to other illustrators, and especially anybody struggling with a lot of resistance around creating anything. I wish I’d hired her sooner.

You meet the person where they are in their journey and have amazing ideas and honest feedback. I love that we can laugh and joke and you can guide me in where I need to go with it but also give me ideas of how. Thank you for the push!

Lisa Kowalski, Corrective Exercise Specialist

Megan was instrumental in helping me realign how I talked about who I was and what I do in a way that really captured the essence of my journey and my work. My website feels completely aligned now and when I talk about the work that I do with the people who I’m meant to serve, they get it. I am so very grateful for the help that Megan provided. I could not have made this shift without her assistance.

Nayla Mitha, Leadership & Life Coach

Your supportive and encouraging comments really boosted my confidence. I can’t help but get energised and inspired by your excitement and how you show up. I love all the prompts too, which help me to keep thinking about writing and figuring out what works, thinking through the challenges and getting help to see through my blocks. 

Michelle T., Master Coach

It was very helpful to have an “outside” and professional view of my writing and the tools you provided enabled me to utilize them in my next ad.

Alicia D., Realtor



Have questions? Not sure where to start? Shoot me an email and we’ll figure it out: [email protected]