You know your work changes lives.

But it’s so hard to write about the magic you do with your clients.

You struggle to find your voice, maybe because you’ve shifted your work or your audience. Or maybe simply because you’re unsure how to talk about the real work you do. You know, the unique, intuitive, off-the-beaten-path modalities that are so crucial to your work — and yet so hard to put into words.

You get stuck looking for the right words and spending hours on one post or email, only to second guess yourself when you hit publish.  You’ve come to dread creating content for your business. Maybe that means you only write something once in a blue moon. Or maybe you’re sharing on a regular basis, but what you’re sharing is falling flat.

You’d love to share content that teaches, touches, and starts conversations. 

It’s so gratifying when someone responds to an email or a post by saying, “Thank you. This was exactly what I needed to hear.” You want more of that. More connection, more resonance, and more calls booked on your calendar. 

You’re ready to make a bigger impact with your work. You want to attract more of the clients you feel called to serve so and see your business thrive. When you imagine the ripple effect this would have throughout the world, you feel giddy inside because you know your work is truly transformational.

And of course, you want your marketing messages to feel authentically you and come straight from your heart.


What would it do for your business if you could share heartfelt stories in your emails, on your blog, and on social media?

You can write compelling content that showcases the value you provide so that your ideal clients feel seen, heard, and sold on working with you.  

As a story magician and writing coach, I help business owners who want to translate their passion onto the page. They’re tired of overthinking and talking themselves out of sharing the message that’s in their heart.  I help them use storytelling to create content for their business that feels authentic and in flow so they connect with more of the clients they feel called to serve.

I’ve created this deep dive into storytelling so you’ll learn exactly how to inspire your audience and sell through story-based content.  

This deep dive into storytelling includes:

Module 1 | Tell Stories that Make an Impact

  • The Secret of a Compelling Story
  • Story Structure 101
  • Getting Your Audience’s Attention from the First Sentence
  • Using Stories with Purpose
  • Mini Stories So Easy You’ll Use Them Every Day

Module 2 | Demonstrate Your Special Sauce in Your Stories 

  • Differentiate Your Business Part I
  • Own Your Authority
  • Own Your Woo

Module 3 | Client Success Stories

  • Demonstrate Your Skills
  • Showcase Client Results
  • Own Your Power without Being Pushy

Module 4 | Extraordinary Lessons in an Ordinary Occurrences

  • Draw Stories from Your Daily Life and Be Relatable
  • Get the Key to Endless Content: Find the Lesson in Anything
  • Be the Bright Spot in Someone’s Social Media Feed

Module 5 | Your Origin Story

  • Connect with Your Audience at the Deepest Level
  • Own Your Pivots
  • Own Your Scars
  • Differentiate Your Business Part II

Module 6 | Revising & Publishing Your Stories

  • Pacing
  • Evoking Emotion
  • Serial Stories
  • Telling a Story Out of Order
  • Sharing Your Stories Online and Offline
  • Reflecting on Your Writing Process



If you already have storytelling skills, this class will help you hone them and use them specifically to promote your business in artful ways.

No storytelling experience? No worries! The truth is that all human beings are natural storytellers. You just may not have had anyone show you how to use your innate storytelling talent yet. 😉

Investment: $618 USD

I signed up for this class because I felt that it would be useful for me to learn about writing for my work as I was still not feeling as much ease as I hoped to.

I was surprised by how easy the writing came and so consistently. How easy it was to follow the classes each week. I never felt like I couldn’t understand the content and looked forward to the class each week. The most helpful thing was the feedback, the accountability to write regularly and with a focus as well as your supportive and encouraging manner. It really helps me to trust and develop my author voice and push past my self-doubt and lack of confidence.

I would recommend the class to others. I think you have a gift to help writers to find their voice and get past their blocks. Your energy is so uplifting as well, it’s always a joy to interact with you. This class is a great opportunity for those who want to learn how to blog for their business, you’ve packed it with a ton of content but it doesn’t feel like too much. Great value for what you get.

— Michelle Tessensohn, Master Coach


Let’s unleash your inner storyteller so you share stories that make an impact and grow your business.

It’s time to remove the doubts, “shoulds” and excuses. It’s time to create content that connects with your audience and builds your passion-fueled business.

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