You’re ready to hit the delete button on this project.

The more you write, the less sense it makes. You’ve started to lose track of what you’re trying to say, and that initial spark has fizzled out into a smoky mess.

But you’re not actually willing to dump it in the recycling bin on your laptop because you really care! You’re passionate about the message you’re sharing. But nothing you do seems to help. You’re beginning to think this idea will be stuck in your brain forever.

The worst part is you’re beating yourself up and wondering what the heck is wrong with you. You’re smart. You used to pump out papers in university on a weekly basis! You can’t understand why writing this project feels so hard. Being stuck in this big ol’ steaming pile of verbal vomit is making you doubt yourself in deep, scary ways.

Aren’t you good at writing? What happened?!?!

You wish you could reclaim that feeling you’ve experienced in the past of sitting down and having the words just flow out of you. This message is really important to you, and you’d love the writing itself to feel as inspiring as what you want to say.

What would it be like if you could stop spinning in circles, harassed by your inner editor? How amazing would it feel to write from your most grounded, intuitive place? 

Imagine if you knew exactly what to write and could stop second-guessing yourself? Instead of re-writing for the 80th time, you’d get the words down just the way you imagined them in your head. You’d be able to publish this piece and feel proud to share it.

I totally get it. And I can help.

I’m an overthinker with a gazillion ideas buzzing around in my brain. I spent the first half of my writing life trying to go it alone. This was fine until I got to college and had to write papers on topics I really cared about. My brain turned to mush and I felt like a failure. Worse than that, I thought I was losing my identity as a writer!

Fortunately, I discovered the power of bouncing ideas off of another writer. Those student writing assistants saved my bacon in college, and they taught me that as an incredibly active thinker, I need to talk through what I’m going to write. 

Now, with the tools and strategies I’ve collected in my 14+ years as a writing coach, I can coach myself. But I still need to talk it out, ask myself questions, and use my tools to get clarity and stop spinning.

That’s what I help big thinkers like you do: Talk out your ideas to gain clarity and insights that make writing feel in flow. Whether you’re writing a blog post, your bio, an article, a sales page, or another piece of content for your business, I’ll help you rekindle the idea that sparked it map out your next steps to finish writing. 

Here’s what’s included:

Share Your Verbal Vomit

You’ll share a Google Doc containing your draft — even if it currently feels like a hot mess. Don’t judge yourself or try to clean it up. The magic of our session is all about me using my X-ray to see through the chaos to your powerful message. You’ll also share your top priorities for our session so that we are supremely focused on getting you to your goal when we jump into our call. 


90-min Writing Alchemy Session

In our one-on-one Zoom session we’ll dive deep into your draft. I’ll ask you questions straight from the depths of my writing and storytelling intuition. I’ll be a sounding board for your ideas and help you transmute your verbal vomit into clear, compelling language. As we work, I’ll show you different strategies for getting your ideas on paper so you become aware of your process and can use it to find your writing flow long after our session is over. 


Notes, Next Steps & Recording

As we work, I’ll be adding notes, ideas, suggestions, and key questions to your doc to capture the ideas coming up. We’ll end our call by mapping out your specific next steps to take with this writing project so that you can finish it and feel proud to publish or share it. You’ll also get a recording of our session so you can listen back to the insights and a-ha! moments you had, as well as that one phrase you said that was so amazing and inspiring but that you can’t recall as soon as it’s out of your mouth. 😉   


30-min Follow-up (and stealth accountability!)

A week or two after our session, we’ll hop on a quick Zoom call for 30 minutes so you can share how it went finishing (and publishing) your writing. This will be a chance for us to troubleshoot or tweak anything in your writing process that came up as you wrote. And, yes,I did manage to sneak accountability into the mix. Because you’re not writing this just for you. You’re writing it to inspire and uplift others! Knowing you’re going to meet with me again will give you a loving deadline so that you follow through on your commitment to finish writing.  



Investment: $222

Ready to stop struggling and finishing writing?

Fabulous! Here are your next steps.

  1. Select your time on my calendar here.
  2. Follow the instructions in the scheduler to share a Google Doc with me and make your payment.
  3. Look for a confirmation email with the link to our session. 
  4. Show up at our scheduled time ready to send overthinking packing and feel in control of your writing.


I’m ready to get unstuck!


Questions? Shoot me an email and we’ll get you sorted. hello(at)