BE in your body. Trust yourself fully. Write your legacy.

We see you rockin’ it. You’re a visionary and a bold leader. You’ve created an authentic life following your soul nudges. You’ve experienced financial success and worked hard to follow your own path.

This is your invitation to go deeper.

The Somatic Storytellers Retreat combines somatic healing, sacred ceremony, and storytelling magic to help women visionaries step more deeply into their leadership roles—in their businesses, their personal lives, and their communities.

So you can leave a legacy that feels like the full expression of your identity and your gifts.

Your ability to imagine what you can do in the future is determined by how you feel in the present and your narrative of what you’ve done in the past.

Let’s anchor you into a new Possibility Portal where you see the accelerated path forward to who you already know you are.

✨It starts with learning to truly inhabit your vessel—your body. So you can live alongside your lived experience. You unhook yourself from the demands and roles placed on you (by family, career, society, fear). You breathe a huge sigh of relief, and you feel that full-body trust and safety.

✨Then you get to reframe your story and become the hero of your own journey. Integrating all the parts that feel heavy, or that are holding you in outdated paradigms and patterns.

When you’ve dismantled those constructs, suddenly you’re naturally in this place of possibility.

Able to live in a sense of healthy detachment and bring your boldest soul vision to fruition.

Join us for a week of connection to your soul’s deepest wisdom. You’ll find stillness, laughter, cathartic expression, writing inspiration, ceremony, and community.

Join Us!

What to expect from your time at the Somatic Storytellers Retreat

This is an intuitively-led experience that will blend together centering practices, somatic movement experiences, soul-led ceremonies, writing play, and storytelling circles.

While leaving spaciousness for innocent exploration, hiking the beautiful trails, savoring delicious meals, and simply BEING.

Feel into the experience below.

Day 1: Land
Fully arrive in the spaciousness of the sacred land of Elohee and anchor into the Somatic Storytellers community.

Day 2: Quieting
Unhook the world’s demands from your being and return to your center.
Day 3: Cultivating
Remember how to hold yourself as you reignite the feeling of safety within your body.

Day 4: Reflecting
Be held and hold others as we mirror the magic around the circle so you see your gifts with fresh eyes.

Day 5: Opening
Spark your joy, pleasure, and creative genius as you welcome playful curiosity and open up to your essential self, without the demands of the world.

Day 6: Being
Fully embody your essence and your story as you’re invited to share your inner artist.

Day 7: Emerge
Integrate the new identity you have embodied and decide how you will bring your experiences back into the world with ease and bliss.

All meals and accommodations are included.
Enrollment starts at $3,606 per person. Payment plans are available.

Are you ready to embody the richness that is you?

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Meet Your Guides 

Annette Maria is a Liberated Leadership Coach, Intuitive, Author, Insight Timer Teacher & Founder of Sanctuary Publishing. She supports visionary leaders in illuminating their liberated self, moving from their center and making a clean impact. She is an advocate for everybody learning how to cultivate inner safety & radical self-trust so we can create a culture of self-leaders. Through her work she supports leaders in entrepreneurship and impact-driven corporations to truly create a new way forward rather than recreating the same cycles in our society. But instead of working on the external, it all starts within. Annette’s vision is to see the planet as a place that supports each individual feeling empowered and able to lead themselves to the vision they know they are meant to birth.

Megan Barnhard is a Story Magician and intuitive writing coach for visionary leaders. She helps healers, coaches, and channels wrap their magic in words. So they unleash the message in their heart and share online content and books that help the world feel in order to heal. Megan believes that writing is everyone’s birthright. She’s on a mission to help writers find their flow with energy cultivation, simple writing recipes, and reframing their own writing story. Through her empath channel, Megan connects people directly to their soul clients so they can write from a place of passionate detachment. Megan is also the author of five books and an upcoming writing oracle deck.

This retreat is for women who are ready to step out of prescribed paradigms and into full, bold expression of their gifts. So the whole dang planet is lit up by the legacy of light they leave.

Are you ready to shine?

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