Communicate your unique genius with a gripping, dramatic About Page — even if you have no idea what your story is or how to tell it.    

Trying to write your bio makes you squirm, and your About Page? It’s pure torture. 

You know why you do what you do, but trying to write about it frustrates the heck out of you.

You could go on for days about the results you get for your clients, but when it comes to writing about yourself? Gulp!

Maybe your mind goes as blank as the screen staring back at you.

Or you come down with a bad case of verbal diarrhea and start listing every random fact you can think of, with no clue how they all go together.

Any of these thoughts sound familiar?

What can you say about myself that’s interesting?

Do I even have “a story”?

I don’t want to toot my own horn.

Part of you wishes you could just skip this part and not write about yourself at all.

But you know what you offer is unique. And you want potential customers to know it, too!

You wish you had a juicy story that told people why your services ain’t like nothin’ they’ve seen before.  

? What if you could have total clarity about what your story is so you could introduce yourself with confidence?  

? What if you could tell people about your business on your website, in emails, and on social media with ease instead of having an anxiety attack?

? What if you could capture your life experiences in a coherent story that resonates with your dream customers so they know you’re the right person to hire?

And what if you could do all that without having to write your story yourself?

I’m Megan, a writing coach and story magician. I help passionate business owners who are experts at what they do but struggle putting it into words.

I’ll write your signature story in a full-length, custom About Page that resonates with your dream customers. Then I’ll add on your short-from bio, byline, and a one-sentence pitch so you can share your story in small spaces.

I interview you and brainstorm with you to uncover exactly what belongs on your About Page and in your bio. I connect all those dots that seem random into a powerful story that shows people why you’re the right person to hire.

Then I write it up, polish it, and get it perfect for you to publish on your website. 

In compelling done-for-you copy, I’ll capture…

  • the perfect story to grab customers’ attention and interest
  • your special sauce and stand-out skills to position you as an expert in your industry
  • specific results and benefits so that customers get excited about the work they’ll do with you
  • your unique voice so that people start to know, like, and trust you 

Following your Signature Story Package, you’ll have…

A story-perfect custom About Page full of detail, drama, and transformation so readers connect to you and your voice. 

This long-form story strengthens the bond between you and potential customers. It gives them a chance to get to know you and fosters trust so they feel confident that you’re the right person to help them.

A short-form bio that tells people whom you help and what problems you solve so they want to hire you.

Use it in your welcome sequence for your marketing emails / bot messages, or as a blurb at the bottom of marketing emails.

A one-sentence pitch that says who you are in a nutshell so you can introduce yourself like a pro and never be lost for words again. 

Use it as your FB or IG profile. Add it to your LinkedIn summary. Put it on your business card. Make it your tagline. Use it when you introduce yourself at networking events or weekend BBQ’s.  

A professional byline that summarizes your skills and expertise.

Use it when you submit articles or apply to be on podcasts so you sound like a pro. Use it as a blurb on brochures, fliers, or speaker sheets. Use it in the bio widget on your website.

What’s included in Done-for-You Signature Story:

Show Me Your Signature Moves

You’ll fill out a questionnaire that gives me the inside scoop about you and your business so we can hit the ground running and make the best use of our time together. This will help me ask you just the right questions to uncover your story and help you find your voice.

Brainstorming Video Call

We’ll dive deep into your story on a video call. I’ll ask you targeted questions to bring all your best ideas to the surface. We’ll connect the dots to find the compelling story hidden in all those random events. I’ll use my storytelling mojo to make sure there’s drama and tension, at the same time making sure we’re capturing a story that feels and sounds like you. 

Copy for Review

Within two weeks of our call, you’ll get an invite to view and comment on all the copy I’ve written, from your long-form story to your one-sentence pitch.  

Follow-up Call & Edits

We’ll hop on a 60-minute video call and you’ll walk me through any changes you want to see. I’ll make live edits right on our call as you watch to make sure I nail your voice and capture your message the way you’d say it.

Final Proofread

I channel my inner English teacher and provide a thorough proofread of all the copy so that you look polished and professional.  

You walk away with ready-to-use copy you can plug into your website, marketing emails, press packets, and anywhere else you need to tell folks what you do and why you’re amazing.


I’m completely immobilized when I think about writing my own story! I’ll just stare and stare and stare at my computer screen for hours. I feel helpless and hopeless and silly. I signed up for the Signature Story Package because I hoped to get a wonderfully written story that made me feel like a badass when I read it. Plus, I wanted clarity on what about me would be engaging for others to hear/ read. I got exactly what I’d hoped for! I used the story you crafted word-for-word on my website, and I freaking LOVE it.

— Sara Yamtich, CEO, Resonate with Sara


Stop struggling to write your story yourself.

Let me work my magic to draw out all the right details and weave them into a compelling story that speaks to your ideal customers. 

Show up as authentic and trustworthy in custom copy that sounds just like you — without having to write a single word.

Investment: $3500

Payment plan available

Ready for a killer About Page, bio, one-sentence pitch, and byline?

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