Write Your Magic


This 3-month writing coaching experience is fully customized to your writing goals to help you develop your messaging as well as your personal writing process so that writing feels more in flow and your content attracts more of the clients you feel called to serve.

We can work on…

  • your blog
  • sales emails
  • social media posts
  • topics for live videos
  • your about page / signature story
  • your bio / elevator pitch
  • your home page
  • long-form articles for LinkedIn or Medium
  • content for webinars or trainings 

We’ll combine co-creation and writing coaching so you can take full advantage of my intuitive copywriting and copy coaching skills. You’ll have access to my best writing recipes, including my Seen, Heard, Sold process featuring Listen to Your Audience activities and creating your Customer Language Cheat Sheet.

You’ll learn to trust your writing voice and write powerful content for your business that attracts more of the clients you feel called to serve. In addition, you’ll discover your own unique process so that writing feels easier and more in flow. 



Write Your Magic

⭐We’ll begin with a 90-minute 1:1 Deep Dive session where we’ll co-create your personalized writing plan. This will be based on your specific writing goals and customized to fit your needs. The plan will cover not only what you want to write in our time together, but also how you would like to transform as a writer so that you move on from our sessions more confident and clear than ever before. We’ll begin with the 30,000-foot view and look at your big, bold goals. 

Then we’ll zoom in to ground level and develop specific milestones that we can track together to ensure you’re moving in the direction of your writing wishes. 

⭐Moving forward, you’ll have three 60-minute 1:1 calls with me each month, for a total of 9 sessions. This is where we make magic together! During our sessions, we co-create. This means I’m there to loan you my best ideas and most targeted questions to help you get to the heart of your thoughts. So much magic happens when you talk things out — especially when you have someone to ask you the right questions. Suddenly those ideas that felt stuck will come pouring out of you from your deepest wisdom. (Don’t worry about losing them — I always have your back with my lightning fast note-taking, as well as a recording you can listen back to.) We’ll plan, brainstorm, draft, revise, and tweak. And I’ll always be ready with helpful re-frames when overthinking or overwhelm show up so you can return to your flow. 

⭐Between sessions you’ll have access to me M – F via email and Voxer so that if you get stuck, blocked, or discouraged you don’t have to stay that way. I’ll be ready with advice, a strategy to implement, and a friendly ear to reflect back to you where I hear you hitting a barrier, and how you can get past it. 

⭐You’ll also receive detailed feedback on up to 10 pieces of content each month (or up to 20,000 words) outside of our sessions. That means you can submit your latest blog post, that client success story you want to post on IG, a sales email, a page of your website, or other content you’re working on for review and comments. These comments and next steps will increase your momentum and help you reach your writing milestones faster. My focus is on making sure your Special Sauce shines through so that your audience sees your magic and is excited to work with you. 

⭐I know that planning is one thing and getting the writing done is another. That’s why you’ll also be invited to twice-monthly co-writing parties so you get your bum in the chair and your words on the page. People who attend these parties tell me they get so much done because of the energy of other people on the call. (And for you parents… If your kids don’t listen when you tell them you’re busy because you’re writing, it’s a whole new ball game when you can point to those faces on Zoom and say, “See? I’m on a meeting.”) During these events, you bring whatever project you want to work on and get uninterrupted time to write. I’m also available to answer quick questions and offer brainstorming help. 

⭐A week or two after our final writing coaching session we’ll meet for a 30-minute follow-up session where you’ll have a chance to reflect on your progress and refine your process so you can use it moving forward. We’ll check back in on all of your goals and close the energetic loop, and you’ll leave the call feeling confident about continuing to write.

⭐In my nearly 15 years as a writing coach, I’ve developed a massive resource library of writing recipes, mindset strategies, and tools and checklists to make writing easier and more in flow. I’ll pull resources from my vast library that I know will serve you best, and these will be yours to keep in your personalized Writing Toolbox once our time together ends. I want you to find what works for you and then to continue using it. 

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