Storytelling to Educate, Inspire, and Sell


A 6-week class for coaches, healers, and consultants who want to use storytelling to grow their business. This intimate class will be limited to 10 people max so that you receive the coaching and feedback you need to grow as a storyteller and feel confident sharing your content.



Each week, you’ll…

✍Learn a new facet of storytelling for business that you can implement right away

✍Practice using the techniques in class to gain clarity and receive coaching

✍Share your writing for celebration and feedback so you grow as a writer

✍Receive a targeted assignment to hone your storytelling skills and build your confidence

This 6-week deep dive into storytelling for business includes:

Module 1: | Tell Stories that Make an Impact

  • The Secret of a Compelling Story
  • Story Structure 101
  • Getting Your Audience’s Attention from the First Sentence
  • Using Stories with Purpose
  • Mini Stories So Easy You’ll Use Them Every Day

Module 2 | Demonstrate Your Special Sauce in Your Stories 

  • Differentiate Your Business I
  • Own Your Authority
  • Own Your Woo

Module 3 | Client Success Stories

  • Demonstrate Your Skills
  • Showcase Client Results
  • Own Your Power without Being Pushy

Module 4 | Extraordinary Lessons in an Ordinary Occurrences

  • Draw Stories from Your Daily Life and Be Relatable
  • Get the Key to Endless Content: Find the Lesson in Anything
  • Be the Brightspot in Someone’s Social Media Feed

Module 5 | Your Origin Story

  • Connect with Your Audience at the Deepest Level
  • Own Your Pivots
  • Own Your Scars
  • Differentiate Your Business II

Module 6 | Revising & Publishing Your Stories

  • Pacing
  • Evoking Emotion
  • Serial Stories
  • Telling a Story Out of Order
  • Sharing Your Stories Online and Offline
  • Reflecting on Your Writing Process