I hired Megan as a copy coach for my program Make It Work Online™. In this intensive program, business owners learn to craft clear messaging and compelling offers so they can grow their online business. The copy coaches are integral to client success, providing personalized feedback on sales pages, about pages, pitches, and other content crucial for standing out online. Megan’s enthusiasm and dedication were great assets to the program. Her clients described her as positive, thoughtful, and kind, and having a knack for identifying the exact areas of copy that need more honing. She is always encouraging yet also holds clients to a high standard so that their copy is clear, concise, and compelling. Megan brings an upbeat, proactive attitude to her work as a coach, and I’m grateful for her contributions not only to her clients, but also to the coaching team. I highly recommend Megan to business owners who want to learn how to write copy that resonates with their ideal customers so they can grow their business.

— Jenny Shih, Business Coach


It was such a blessing to have you by my side as my word/story Doula. The way you held space for me, my spinning mind, my excited heart, my story, my ideas, and my upcoming book was simply magical. I adored the fact that you made it playful from the start, and that we had such soulful and vivid conversations about my ideas. I was longing for clarity and a narrative that would make sense of all the messiness in my head. What I experienced was waaaay more than that. I allowed myself to drop the pressure of writing something perfect. I felt with every cell of my body the joy of writing, the excitement of telling and sharing stories without focusing too much on the outcome. You came up with the questions I needed to hear and provided the guidance that felt just perfect to me! You truly are a word alchemist and I am so grateful that you helped me to untangle my thoughts and make writing feel easy and fun for me again!

—Vanessa Sanchez-Willems, Owner of HeartSeeds


I decided to start working with Megan because I had finally found my true coaching niche and I needed to update my website so that it would speak to my ideal clients. I had been in business for about a year and I had thrashed around for the better part of it trying to figure out who I was as an independent coach and who I loved to serve. I was so excited to have gained clarity in this area, however, when it came time to put “pen to paper” (so to speak) and come out to the world as a coach who helps women break free from self-doubt… I was totally stuck. 

Megan was instrumental in helping me realign how I talked about who I was and what I do in a way that really captured the essence of my journey and my work. I felt like I was just on the cusp of breaking through before working with Megan and she knew how to ask the right questions, suggest the right turns of phrase, and push me where I needed to be pushed so that I could actually break through. 

I would say that the aspect of our coaching that has had the biggest impact is Megan’s ability to see me. She was really able to get what I was trying to say and do with my writing and pull it out of me.

My website feels completely aligned now and when I talk about the work that I do with the people who I’m meant to serve, they get it. I am so very grateful for the help that Megan provided. I could not have made this shift without her assistance. 

~Nayla Mitha, Leadership & Life Coach


Your supportive and encouraging comments really boosted my confidence. I can’t help but get energised and inspired by your excitement and how you show up. I love all the prompts too, which help me to keep thinking about writing and figuring out what works, thinking through the challenges and getting help to see through my blocks. One other thing that works for me is that you’re not scoldy or judgey and I always felt met where I was and that made it easier to take the next step. I struggle with so much self-doubt and self-criticism which can cripple me and my creative efforts so all the words of affirmation and ways in which you helped me validate and celebrate what I had done were key. 

~Michelle Ayn Tenssensohn, Master Coach & Meditation Teacher



“I used the story you crafted word-for-word on my website, and I freaking LOVE it.”

I’m completely immobilized when I think about writing my own story! I’ll just stare and stare and stare at my computer screen for hours. I feel helpless and hopeless and silly. By working with you I hoped to get a wonderfully written story that made me feel like a badass when I read it. Plus, I wanted clarity on what about me would be engaging for others to hear/ read. I got exactly what I’d hoped for! I used the story you crafted word-for-word on my website, and I freaking LOVE it.

— Sara Yamtich, CEO at Resonate with Sara




I appreciate the process we went through so much. It was incredibly helpful to me to verbally brainstorm, get feedback and have your guidance. Lots of inner reflection and having another perspective was nice. I became clear about who I really wanted to serve! I would so recommend Signature Story to others.  You are fun, talented, professional, and personable. You know your stuff.

Dannielle Arceneaux, Owner and Wellness Coach at Elevated Wellness Coaching



“She is truly a Story Magician!”

Copy is key when it comes to marketing. Fortunately, one of my coaching clients knew the value of great copy and hired Megan to assist her with blogging. I participated in a brainstorming session they had and experienced Megan’s magic. Megan knows how to ask the right questions, get the important details and condense it into a compelling hand-crafted masterpiece. She is truly a Story Magician! I recommend her services to all my clients.

— Chantel Beauregarde, Founder and Creative Director at Brandit360 



“Megan is my blog whisperer.”

Anyone considering using Megan for writing blog posts, do it!  Megan is my blog whisperer. I have all these great ideas, write about them and she polishes them to be more amazing than I ever intended.  We’ve worked together for a year, 50 blog posts completed.  She’ll understand your brand and your voice, which keeps it authentic.  Knowing she has my back makes writing blogs much more enjoyable.  I don’t feel stuck anymore and I’m not wasting time perfecting my blog.  Megan is fun, witty, and thorough but the biggest plus is she adds all this extra value: keyword phrases, ideas for other blogs, what to do make certain blogs even better.  Anyone on the fence, take a look at one of my before and after blogs….and hire her!! 
BJ Gray, CEO & Coach, GrayMatter Career Coach


“A lot of my confidence has been restored, and it got me to stop dragging my feet so much on the revising process.”

I was in the middle of revising and the whole thing felt like this gigantic mess that I was DS Ritterdrowning in.  The call helped me clarify and remember my goals and helped me get set up to go for them again. A lot of my confidence has been restored, and it got me to stop dragging my feet so much on the revising process, so now I actually want to work on the manuscript, rather than having to force myself to “get back to work.”  I think it sort of showed me a map of the maze, so now it’s just a question of following the steps, rather than having to puzzle a bunch of stuff out, which always helps productivity.

D.S. Ritter, Fantasy Author


“I love how encouraging you are.”

I absolutely would recommend a Clarity Session to other authors. I would recommend it to new authors out there and to writers who are already well established. We all fall into a funk at times. Being an introvert, I would wait it out. See if I could find something to spark inspiration. That is what I was planning on doing before this session. I am so glad that I didn’t. Who knows how long I would have been waiting, when all it would have taken was a short conversation with someone to force you to ask the things that you are probably too frustrated to remember to ask!  I absolutely enjoyed our session. I love how encouraging you are. Thank you so much.

Diane Chattaway, Author


Kealoha_0678“I appreciate you giving me the tools to write for myself.”

Megan, you’re amazing, mahalo, mahalo, mahalo. You really dialed in on two important facets of what I want to do, how I want to do it, and how I want it to be perceived by the public. I appreciate the fact that you are more than capable to write for others but I so appreciate you giving me the tools to find it myself. Kind of the difference between giving someone money to buy food versus teaching them how to fish, grow food. The latter ensures they will never go hungry.

Ke Kai Kealoha, Founder and Owner of Aloha Chicks





I had an important public speaking event and knew I needed an interesting yet accessible speech. My field is complex and emerging, so I was a little stuck on how to best proceed. Megan asks the best questions and has laser focus on getting the job done. I could tell that she really wanted to understand my ideas so that she could help me communicate them in the best way possible.

Together we created a speech that I felt super proud to give, and it was very well received. People used words like powerful and graceful to describe their experience at my talk, which is exactly what I wanted! Megan’s understanding of what it’s like to struggle to write helped put me at ease, and she made the writing process so accessible. I felt super supported. I would recommend Megan to learners of all ages, and to anyone who needs help with anything written. I just wish I’d sought her out sooner!

Jade Rivera, Author, and Education Innovator at JadeAnnRivera.com


THE WORK WAS EMPOWERING! It was IMMENSELY helpful in helping me further my thoughts, think along clear lines, elaborate on previously unformed ideas, and actually find order within the chaos. It was literally like a conjurer making something concrete out of nothing! Simply put, my project would never have gotten off the ground, let alone be something really worthwhile and rewarding!!

Ruchi Rai, Author, Speaker, and Educator


I struggled to write a professional bio for my business that said everything I needed to convey without droning on and on. Megan’s Bio Resource helped me pull together my experience and passion just perfectly. And it was quick and easy to use. Now I have a great bio that represents who I am and what I do.

Heather Moreno, Speaker, Author and Wellness Coach at Weight Breakthrough


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