Get the topics, templates, and custom content calendar you need to blog with confidence and consistency.

Each time you sit down to draft a post, your mind goes completely blank.

Or your creativity goes into overdrive. One idea leads you to the next until you’re thinking yourself in circles, feeling totally overwhelmed.

It’s time to stop…

  • avoiding your blog like the plague because you never know what to write about or how to structure your post
  • spending hours and hours you don’t have trying to come up with unique content
  • spiraling into self-doubt as you tell yourself, “It’s all been said before!”
  • editing your blog posts to death trying to perfect them

You wish you could write and publish blog posts every dang week, instead of constantly feeling stressed about NOT writing them.


?Having a fully-stocked content calendar so you always know what to write about.

?Finishing a blog post in an hour or two and then getting on with the rest of your business.

?Feeling confident that each post you publish is top-notch.

?Getting responses from your readers saying “That was so helpful!”

Let’s turn your business expertise into powerful blog post topics.

Megan Barnhard smiling

Hi, I’m Megan. I’m a writing coach for business owners and thought leaders who are experts at what they do but struggle putting it into words.

I’ll help you sift through your experience and professional passion to plan blog post topics that you’re excited to write—and that your audience is excited to read.

You’re an expert in your field with gobs of knowledge.

But right now all those BIG ideas are tangled up in BIG knots. You’re never sure how to structure a post or how to tell when it’s done.

I’ll give you the topics, templates, and tools that make blogging so much easier.

Ready to…

  • inspire confidence
  • build trust
  • introduce you, your business, and your mission
  • demonstrate your unique approach
  • tell customers why they should choose you, not someone else
  • offer help, wisdom, and hope

… without reinventing the wheel and making blogging harder than it needs to be?

Hooray! Because that’s exactly what Blog Consistently is all about!

Here’s what’s included in Build Your Blog:

Introduce Me to Your Business Questionnaire

You’ll give me some key background info about you and your business so we hit the ground running during our first session. Answering these questions will also get your creative juices flowing so that you come to our call inspired and ready to rock and roll.

Deep Dive Call #1

We’ll meet via video conference to dive deep into your blog in a focused 75-minute call. We’ll psychoanalyze your audience and nail down the topics that will wow them. We’ll brainstorm tons of blog topics and outline one topic you’ll commit to writing — with a deadline! I’ll send you on your way with a recording of our call so you can revisit your best ideas.

Blog Post Checklist

You’ll get a copy of my Blog Post Checklist — the one I personally use to make sure posts are top-notch when they’re published.

Deep Dive Call #2

We’ll meet again for 75 minutes to debrief about your writing experience. I’ll help you troubleshoot your writing process and customize your approach so blogging becomes easier and more enjoyable. On this call we’ll also brainstorm additional blog post ideas and create your Flex Content Calendar.

Flex Content Calendar

We’ll create a customized content calendar for your blog. Whether you like to have things planned out months in advance or you prefer to go with the flow, I’ll help you create an editorial calendar that leaves you confident about what to write next.

Follow-up Call

After you’ve had a chance to use your Flex Content Calendar for a few weeks, we’ll meet for a final follow-up to debrief and troubleshoot. I’ll answer any questions that are coming up for you and we’ll track what’s working about your writing process. I’ll send you on your way with additional tips for generating ideas so you become a content boss! (30 minutes.)

You’ve got big ideas in your brain.

I’ll help you turn them into blog posts you’ll actually write and publish — every dang week!

Investment: $795

Build your blog today!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Schedule your first Deep Dive session and make your payment on my calendar.
  2. You’ll be directed to the Introduce Me to your Business questionnaire. Fill that out at least 48 hours before our session.
  3. 10 minutes before go-time, you’ll receive a reminder email. Follow the link from that email to join our Zoom call and get ready to kick your blog into high gear!

I was a bit hesitant to work with you because I wasn’t sure if I would get the help I needed or that your approach would work for me. You helped me lighten my approach to writing and helped lift some of the heaviness and stuckness I was feeling around writing. I have so many ideas for future articles and am always noting down new ideas and inspirations for new articles. I don’t self-censor as much. As a result of working with you, I blogged an article that’s one of my most shared articles of all time in several years 🙂  

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn, Master Coach,

Have questions? I’m happy to answer them. Shoot me an email: megan(at)