Stop dreaming of writing your book and start writing it


You feel the call to write your personal narrative nonfiction book. 

You know your story will help and inspire others.

You also know that the act of writing itself will heal something deep in you.

But right now you’re drowning in ideas and writing yourself in circles.

I’ll guide you through creating your plan for the book you’ll be proud to write and share with the world.


Megan Barnhard Writing Coach

I’m Megan. I’m an author and writing coach for people with ideas so big, they sometimes get stuck.

They want to tell a story that changed them personally — and that would profoundly change people who read it. But they don’t know where to start, and they don’t want to go it alone, trying to figure out all the moving pieces of a book and risking losing the impact of the story they want to tell.

I help them create a solid plan so they can leverage their natural thinking process and write a stellar book that captivates their audience. 

I know firsthand what it feels like to procrastinate from writing your big idea. I also know how amazing it feels when you share your story and it uplifts others and helps them find their path. 

Your story is worth telling, and only you can tell it.

But you don’t have to do it alone.

I’ll help you get a 30,000-foot view of your book so you can see exactly where you’re going and how to get there.

Then, I’ll help you create a plan with clear action steps to make your book happen.

Following your Book Deep Dive, you’ll have…

  • A clear Mission Statement for your book so that your big WHY is front-and-center, motivating you to write.
  • A chapter-by-chapter outline so you avoid the biggest mistake authors make: Trying to wing it and getting stuck in the middle.  
  • A clear picture of your audience and what they want so you can write a book that wows them.
  • Insights into your writing process that will help you beat writer’s block and write in flow. 

Book Deep Dive includes:

Deep Insights into Your Writing

You’ll submit up to 10 pages of writing for this project. It might be part of a draft, some notes, or even some verbal vomit. Along with your writing you’ll fill out a short questionnaire so that I know who your audience is and the purpose of your book. My feedback will give you keen insights into how to write in a way that will captivate your audience so they’re excited to read your book. This is a chance for me to learn your voice and get the flavor of your book so that I give you my best suggestions when we work together. 

Deep Dive Session + Action Plan 

In this intensive 2-hour planning session we’ll dive deep into the concept of your book and map out a coherent theme and flow for your ideas. You’ll receive my Big-Picture Outline resource that helps you structure your book as a compelling whole. We’ll use this to create your big-picture outline for your book. We’ll also create a custom Action Plan that inspires you to get writing. We’ll end by mapping out your next steps so you know exactly how to take action once our call ends and the dust settles. Following the session, I’ll send you a recording of our call so that you can listen back and feel supported as you step into your Action Plan. 

Nail Your Outline + Feedback  

Following our initial call, you’ll create your chapter-by-chapter outline using the resources I’ll share with you. Once you’ve nailed down your outline, writing your book will be so much easier and so much more motivating. You’ll know where you’re going and how to get there. I’ll give you detailed feedback on your outline so that you feel confident with your plan going forward. Once your outline is nailed down, you’ll be ready to start writing.

Follow-up Call

A few weeks later, we’ll hop on a 60-minute follow-up call. I’ll help you iron out any rough patches in your outline or in your writing process. This call is also a crucial part of your accountability, to make sure you take action on your outline and your writing plan. We’ll modify your outline and Action Plan as needed so that you can continue writing with confidence. At the end of our follow-up call, you’ll be ready to write your entire first draft.


You have the passion. I’ll help you create the plan.

You’ll understand the structure of your book at the deepest level. You’ll feel confident sharing your story. You’ll know your powerful message is shining through at its brightest.

Investment: $749

Ready to dive in to your book and really make it happen? Let’s do this!

  1. Book your time and make your payment on my calendar.
  2. Fill out the form you’re redirected to and submit your 10 pages for critique.
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to our session.
  4. Show up to our session ready to make turn your book from a dream into a reality!

Have questions? I’m happy to answer them. Shoot me an email: megan(at)